How To Apply Caravan Decals

You can apply caravan decals easily by following our guide.

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Caravan decals come with a layer of application tape that looks like masking tape, underneath is your decal and under that is the backing paper.

We want to remove the backing paper, then apply caravan decal, finally removing the application tape.
While this seems complicated at first glance it really is very simple.

how is a caravan decal made

The most important step to apply caravan decals is the preparation of the surface it is to be applied to,  make sure the surface is clean, totally clean, this means removing all unseen dirt and grease. Use a painters panel wipe to clean the surface to get the best possible results

Measure where you want the decal to go and draw a faint pencil line or mark with masking tape. Always double check the line is straight and is actually where you want the decal to sit

Using some regular masking tape, tape your decal in place all 3 layers, at the moment we have done nothing to the decal we just want to make sure we are happy with the placement when we finally do apply it

how to get caravan decals straight

Now stand back and make sure it is in the right place, measure again if you need to and keep moving the whole decal and re applying the masking tape until you are happy that it is in the right place

Create a central “hinge” by applying a single straight piece of masking tape going up and down through the centre of the decal, make sure you use enough masking tape above and below the decal to be able to take the weight of the decal and backing tape as we are going to remove some of the masking tape holding it in place

how to apply a caravan decal

Remove one side of the original masking tape, not the hinge, this will leave half your decal completely unattached to the caravan. Now peel one backing paper away from the application tape, this will make sure the decal stays on the application tape now carefully remove the now empty backing paper and throw away.

From the hinge begin to apply caravan decal by smoothing down the application tape using your application tool, from the centre of the decal fanning towards the edge of the paper working out any air that may be trapped, only allow the part of the decal that is being applied to touch the caravan as it is permanent and can damage your decal. This may require you holding the end of the decal away from the caravan with one hand and applying with the other.

decal application tool

Now remove the hinge masking tape, and all other masking tape holding the decal in place. Now peel away the remaining backing paper away from the application tape and discard. Again apply this half of the deal in exactly the same way.

remove backing paper

The final stage to apply caravan decals is to lowly remove the application tape by pulling it back along itself, it should be as if you are almost stroking the caravan, never pull it towards to as the decal will simply peel away from the panel, if you feel like the decal is lifting slightly just replace the application tape in that area and apply more pressure with your application tool then repeat.

 finish removing caravan sticker application tape


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