Removing Old Motorhome Decals

When you have decided to remove your old motorhome decals and replace with fresh new ones, it is important to understand how to safely remove and prepare your motorhome panels ready to apply the new ones

I can’t stress enough how dangerous heat can be to your motorhome, if you choose to use heat to remove your original decals please do so with EXTREME caution.

Using a heatgun or hairdryer gently heat a large area of the sticker, keep the heatgun or hairdryer moving at all times and NEVER focus on just one area (no matter how much the temptation), keep that heatgun moving over an area well past the area of the decal itself and holding it a good distance away from the panel,  much the same as you would if you were spray painting.

 heatgun motorhome warning removing decals 

A little more about why too much heat is bad, Too much can buckle aluminium panels, but is can also burn through paintwork and buckle Resin coatings and GRP. As a rule you don’t want to use heat, but with some older decals it is a necessary evil

Once the decal is warm (not hot!) the adhesive will loosen and this will allow you to get your decal removal tool start peeling it. Peel the decal backwards along itself it will be an angle of almost 180o, don’t pull it towards yourself, it will just tear and you will have to start all over again.

On colder days you may have to keep the heat on the decal gently as you remove with one hand as the bond between the glue and the panel.

Once you have removed all of the decal you need to remove all traces of the adhesive left behind, avoid the temptation to scratch it off, you will only scratch the paintwork. Use sticky remover, acetone nail polish remover or and other alcohol based glue remover use gently and don’t rub in too aggressively as paint will come off too if pressure is applied. Finally clean your panel with soapy water to remove any final sticky stuff & grease  

Once your decals are off, you can follow our guide on how to apply caravan decals

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